How to raid and defend a region

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How to raid and defend a region

Post by spitfireYG on Wed Dec 09, 2015 10:16 pm

A. What is raiding/crashing and why do people raid?

Raiding or region crashing is when a group of nations invades a region in order to assert their own control over it. Control may be expressed by altering the World Factbook Entry (usually to advertise the group which carried out the raid), by changing the regional flag (usually to the flag of the raider group), by manipulating embassies, by suppressing RMB posts, by instituting a password, and/or by ejecting/banning some or all of the region's previous inhabitants. The first two operations (changing the WFE and/or the regional flag) are known as "tagging" the region.

NationStates players raid for a variety of reasons – most importantly, for the fun of it. Part of the fun comes from the thrill of accomplishment; part of it is the thrill of transgression (like trespassing on private property, skateboarding where it's prohibited, or going in through the exit doors at the supermarket); and part of it comes from watching the reactions of the people you've raided (and laughing at the defenders who tried to stop you).

B. What is defending and why do people defend?

Defending is when a group of nations invades a region in order to preserve control for or return it to the "natives" of that region. When defenders are trying to prevent raiders from taking over, the operation is called a "defense." When defenders are trying to return control to the natives while a raider holds the Delegacy, the operation is called a "liberation" (though some raiders prefer to call it "counter-invasion"). When defenders invade a region once the raiders have left in order to restore a World Factbook Entry to its pre-raid condition, the operation is called "detagging."

NationStates players defend for a variety of reasons. Players who choose to defend rather than raid, however, usually defend because they believe (at some level) that it's the right thing to do. While defending provides the same sense of accomplishment that raiding does, defending is ultimately a reaction against raiding; it appeals to players who care more about protecting other regions than they care about the sheer 'fun' of conflict. Defenders claim the moral high ground (with varying degrees of credibility), and take part of their satisfaction from the knowledge that they've helped other players preserve their freedom and community.

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