How ile de france functions

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How ile de france functions

Post by spitfireYG on Wed Dec 09, 2015 10:19 pm

How to Play; How to Invade

So many new players suddenly showing-up, and all asking the same question. Well, well, well. First let me welcome all newly landed immigrants to the IDF! We hope you will have either a very long or very short, but enjoyable, stay depending on your intentions Wink
I am Naginii, one of three of the region's oldest residents, having arrived back in 2003. A former raider and general officer, pirate, HardieBurger sales rep, Ficus caregiver, delegate, Formula Marmaduke racer I'm now the doorman and bouncer of the IDF. I can usually be found in my hammock strung between the toes of the mostly destroyed "Statutes of the Fallen Founders," where I knit and occasionally write poetry when I'm not tossing people over the walls.

Assuming all you new nations are indeed genuinely new, the game is incredibly, brutally, and wonderfully simple: read the FAQ: basically, you make stuff up, pretend to be people you're not (which you're likely already doing), go to wild parties and refuse to leave, say stupid things out loud and not get hit in the face for them (but likely get moderated or banjected), vote in pointless elections, debate even more pointless issues in the WA, take a stand, write something, be a Walter Mitty, decide on national issues and shift your nation's development (for good or ill), read the FAQ, visit the forums, read the news section, browse around and learn from everything that's available, etc. ad nauseum. Wash-rinse-repeat for, oh, a decade. You'll eventually get the hang of it.

If you can't figure-out what the game is about, or if you still don't understand or have questions, feel free to send a TG to any of the leadership with a $100 bill taped to a case of SP Ale, and we'll all be only too happy to help. Wink If you wish to raid, include that in your TG. We will forward your nation's request to one of several associated raiding groups for vetting.

We welcome all who have come to play NS the IDF way.

Now, if you're not new, and are merely playing the newb (for whatever ill-conceived reasons brought you here) — fear not, we'll figure that out fairly soon. Please have your bags packed and have a seat on the trebuchet. As the launch will be a bit abrupt, we recommend holding onto your luggage with both hands and keeping your eyes shut. We trust both your flight, and your stay in the RR, will be uncomfortable.

By Nagi.

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